Cedar Cigar Boxes – What Makes Them Better Than The Rest!

Our cigar boxes are specially designed to maintain and preserve your cigars for years. This is achieved by using pure cedar wood, as cedar has stood out for more than a few reasons as the best candidate for making cigar boxes.

Cedar cigar boxes do more than just maintaining cigars in similar climatic conditions as to those where the tobacco was grown, fermented and rolled; they have a unique aroma which makes the tobacco more savory. Within the cedar box, tobacco scents and cedar wood aroma mingle or “marry” resulting in subtle additions to the flavor so that you can enjoy your tobacco more

Why the best cigar boxes are made of cedar?

  • Aroma. This is arguably the most obvious feature of cedar wood. The unique aroma of cedar wood infused in tobacco is deeply invigorating and probably one of the reasons cedar has been the top choice since cigars were first commercially packaged.

  • Cedar wood has a high tolerance for extreme humidity levels making sure that the preservation of your cigars is never compromised.

Cigars are like the most delicate flowers. If you preserve them poorly, you’d be surprised how quickly they can dry out and die. This means that you want the best material on your cigar box, and it doesn’t get any better than cedar wood. With cedar native to some tobacco growing countries, the inside of a cedar cigar box mimics the climatic condition of some of the places where the finest tobacco grows, which ensures the best preservation so that you can enjoy your cigar in its pure, natural taste.

Our Cedar boxes are specially hand crafted to ensure ideal levels of humidity and temperature inside the cigar box for the best preservation of your cigar. We don’t use any nails or metals during the process, all boxes are pure wood.

With our entire cigars shipped in hand crafted pure cedar box, the cigars continue to age gracefully in their boxes blending the cedar’s aroma into the rich flavor of the tobacco hereby continuing our tradition of quality over quantity.

We use small colored dot stickers to help you identify the boxes. The dot is on the left-top-bottom side of the box.
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